Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A different Approach to Online Learning

Techno Punk

I like these three articles on the e-learning provocatuer blog: The Online Course Must Die; The ILE and the FLE in Harmony; and How to Revamp Your Learning Model.

The idea is to move the learning content out of the 'walled garden' of the VLE and into a space where learners can access them more easily, and use social media to share their experiences and ask questions. It's an approach that complements the informal learning approach to WBL.

The ILE is where learners can learn with freedom, and to explore the materials - and have the ability via discussion forums to collaborate and to ask questions. The VLE (or FLE - Formal Learning Environment) is where the course is managed - where the administration takes place, and where assessments are done. The idea is to separate the two in people's minds- the ILE is where people can explore without having to 'click through' in a certain order, or to worry about pass marks.

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  1. Thnaks for your support! I seem to have struck a chord among the L&D community with these musings.